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Danielle’s Side Hustle, Initiated in her Princeton Dorm Room, Evolved into a $510 million business

In college, Danielle Cohen-Shohet embarked on a prosperous side venture by merging her interests in design and entrepreneurship, culminating in the creation of GlossGenius.

Driven by the challenges of operating a client-centric enterprise and her desire to address them using technology, Cohen-Shohet established GlossGenius in 2015. Today, GlossGenius serves over 65,000 businesses, prioritizing customer-focused innovations such as GeniusAI and Genius Loans.

As CEO and founder of GlossGenius, Danielle Cohen-Shohet offers an all-encompassing solution for booking, payments, and point-of-sale services, aiding beauty and wellness professionals in boosting bookings and expanding their businesses.

Reflecting on her journey, Danielle shared, “My journey began during my time as a freelance makeup artist in my Princeton University dorm room. With a longstanding passion for design, art, and entrepreneurship, I delved into the world of makeup with fervor, eventually establishing a side hustle during college. Concurrently, my twin sister and I explored a digital receipts payments venture. Although these experiences were invaluable, little did I know that I would later amalgamate these interests to establish a software payments company, now valued at over $510 million.”

She exhibited an insatiable thirst for knowledge, aiming for excellence and diving headfirst into action. During her college years, with makeup artistry tutorials emerging on YouTube, she immersed herself in them, honing her skills through hands-on practice. Seeking feedback from college classmates and friends, Danielle continuously improved her craft. While seemingly straightforward, these initial strides propelled her towards accelerated success.

Reflecting on the challenges encountered, Danielle emphasized that any growth opportunity inevitably presents obstacles. Drawing from her personal experience in makeup artistry, she identified common pain points shared by many of GlossGenius’s current business clientele: issues such as time management, schedule coordination, and client base expansion without adequate infrastructure. To address these challenges, Danielle delved into the task headfirst, utilizing manual spreadsheets and makeshift tools, which ultimately inspired the conception of GlossGenius. Her vision was to offer fellow business owners top-notch technology and infrastructure to streamline business operations effectively.

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