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Dynamic Women Leaders Honoured at 2024 IMAGE PwC Businesswoman of the Year Awards

The 2024 IMAGE PwC Businesswoman of the Year Awards celebrated Ireland’s foremost female business leaders, highlighting their achievements and insights. Here are some of the poignant and motivational messages delivered during the acceptance speeches of our remarkable winners.

On May 10th, we gathered to honor Ireland’s most inspiring businesswomen at the prestigious 16th annual IMAGE PwC Businesswoman of the Year Awards. A distinguished panel of judges meticulously curated an outstanding shortlist, from which our deserving winners emerged.

The awards encompassed various categories, including Family Businesswoman of the Year and Management Professional of the Year. Notably, the recipients delivered profoundly eloquent speeches, and we’ve compiled some of the most memorable quotes from the evening:

“I’d like to share three lessons that I’ve learned through navigating the business cycles. Firstly, attitude is fundamental. I believe attitude is a choice. Regardless of your industry or where you are in the business cycle, what truly matters are the people on your team—who possess the determination and will to succeed. Skills can be acquired, hired, or learned, but attitude is the limitless driver of business performance. We all know that the right attitude can be infectious, yet the opposite is also true. I firmly believe in hiring people for their attitude and then training them for their skills.

Secondly, I’ve learned the importance of navigating mistakes and failures. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, notably with one acquisition that went awry, forcing us to cut our losses early. From that experience, I realized that success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Success sets new challenges, and so does failure.

Lastly, building relationships is crucial. Business thrives on trust-based relationships. I’ve witnessed the transformative power of trust in achieving remarkable outcomes. We must conscientiously nurture relationships and foster open communication within our teams, with clients, and with partners. These relationships create opportunities. So, remember, even when you’re reluctant to attend an event or make a connection, it’s essential to be present and make your voice heard.”

These insights encapsulate the resilience, wisdom, and leadership that define our esteemed winners at the 2024 IMAGE PwC Businesswoman of the Year Awards.