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Growth4Her Empowers 1,500 Women Entrepreneurs Across 10 African Urban Centers

Creative Space Startups has initiated the Growth4Her program, which aims to empower 1,500 women entrepreneurs across 10 African cities. Additionally, Nigeria’s Federal Government has implemented the Transparency and Integrity Brigade to promote fair resource allocation, with a particular focus on supporting women and vulnerable groups. These efforts are designed to create a conducive environment for the success of women entrepreneurs and to make significant contributions to the economic development of Africa.

As part of a substantial effort toward gender equality and economic empowerment, Creative Space Startups has introduced the ambitious Growth4Her program. This initiative aims to revolutionize the business environment for 1,500 women entrepreneurs spanning across 10 African cities. Supported by the African Development Bank’s AFAWA initiative, Growth4Her aims to break down barriers encountered by Women-led Small and Medium Enterprises (WSMEs) by equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to progress from small-scale operations to high-potential growth-stage businesses.

The Growth4Her program emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity for women entrepreneurs in Africa, where the highest proportion of female business ownership is witnessed globally. Despite their considerable presence, these entrepreneurs frequently face challenges such as limited access to funding and resources for expanding their businesses. Growth4Her addresses these hurdles by providing capacity building, investment readiness skills, and connections to funders. By acknowledging and actively tackling these challenges, Growth4Her ensures that women entrepreneurs are well-positioned for success.

A Government Commitment to Transparency and Integrity

In tandem with the private-sector endeavor, the Federal Government of Nigeria has revealed plans to establish a Transparency and Integrity Brigade. Led by the Minister of Women Affairs, Mrs. Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, this initiative is geared towards meticulously overseeing and guaranteeing the fair allocation of funds and resources to all Nigerians, with special attention given to empowering women and marginalized groups. The announcement was made during a courtesy visit by the National Council of Traditional Rulers, underscoring a cooperative effort between the government and traditional institutions to promote economic empowerment and enhance the quality of life for women nationwide.

In an age where technology profoundly influences economic activities, the Nigerian government’s proposal to leverage e-portals emerges as a forward-looking tactic to empower women economically. Through the provision of a digital platform catering to buyers, sellers, and stakeholders, the initiative seeks to streamline transactions, restore confidence in economic procedures, and ultimately, advance the economic autonomy of women. This innovative strategy, complemented by the dissemination of industrial and processing machinery, underscores a holistic endeavor to fortify the economic status of women and other marginalized segments of society.

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